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Chicago Pneumatic Sump Pumps

Chicago Pneumatic's CP0010 and CP0020 sump pumps are designed for high performance and durability making them ideal for removing water from trenches, ditches, manholes, industrial sumps and excavations. Both models will pump down to within 7/8" from the base.

Model CP0010 Sump Pump
Model CP0020 Sump Pump
  • Single Stage Centifugal units driven by powerful vane motors
  • Double Seals Protect Bearings and Motor from Water and Mud
  • Integral Oiler Provides Continuous Lubrication
  • Integral Strainer and Air Inlet Valve
  • Bronze Impeller
  • Cast Iron Housing
  • Air Inlet Valve

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Sump Pumps Specifications

Model Part no. Max Water Depth (in.) Overall Height (in.) Height w/o Valve (in.) Water Discharge (NPT-in.) Weight (lbs) Max Opening Pump will Enter (in.) Air Inlet Thread Size (NPT-in.) Recommended Hose Size (in.) Motor (hp)
CP0010 T022224 7/8 17-1/2 13-3/4 2 33 8-1/4 x 9 3/4 3/4 3
CP0020 T022185 7/8 16 11-3/4 2-1/2 58 9 x 11-3/4 1 1 4